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Paul Mengert Has Been Happy To Guide Homeowners Association

July 14, 2015
There are so many obvious benefits to living in a homeowners association community, but people often fail to recognize how significant these benefits are until they actually live there. Living in one of these communities confers benefits on everyone involved. This is why, over the past decade, home owners association members have jumped from just ten-thousand members to more than 330,000. Of course, homeowners associations can have both positive and negative effects on their members, depending on how well they are run. But, members are largely satisfied with the services that are available to them through their communities.

Collective management is of massive benefit to members of homeowners associations. Addressing the needs of the collective community through higher quality management is a key aspect of what draws people to homeowners associations. The association sets certain limitations on the members and gives certain responsibilities to ensure that members will see to the cleanliness and beauty of the community. The community is also able to elect a homeowners association board, who are charged with ensuring the rules are enforced, which leads to higher property values.

Another big selling point for homeowners associations is that they offer access to high quality amenities that no other communities can really offer. Substantial amenities like swimming pools, club houses, golf courses, marinas, and daycares can be offered to membership. Paul Mengert has been happy to guide homeowners association towards high quality management services through his work with Association Management Group. Paul Mengert founded Association Management Group and is pleased that the company is able to work with communities throughout the Carolinas.
Paul Mengert, as President of Association Management Group, has seen volunteers be the difference in happy communities. If you are a member of a community association and you care about the value of your home or property, then you ought to want to take good care of it and the surroundings. Associations are charged with maintaining the value of the properties involved, so it makes sense that you as a member might be interested in helping them as well.